Take The Time To Do What Is Important -

Evaluate Your Financial Situation
…Simplify Your Life!

At L. Ross Wealth Management, LLC, we take great care in guiding individuals and organizations through a complete, disciplined process in evaluating their current financial status. We then develop a path that best ensures protection of their hard-earned assets while safely pursuing their long-term financial aspirations. Through careful consideration of your goals, in other words, what really matters to you, and understanding your challenges and concerns, we craft a realistic strategy that appropriately balances your appreciation of both investment risk and reward to meet your needs.

The demands of our lives are oftentimes extraordinary, but wisdom dictates that we must devote as much time to what is Important, as we do to what is Urgent. Please devote this time, and also take advantage of our skill and experience to get you or your firm on a path of prosperity and tackle all of the details and complexities of your financial affairs, to put your mind at ease.


Every good plan begins with a purpose. Our goal is to assemble all of the moving parts of your financial life and then integrate them into a complete financial plan that is grounded with your current objectives, with room for updates and re-evaluations as change occurs in your life or organization. With sophisticated investment planning tools, several decades of strong wealth advisory experience, and access to a tremendous pipeline of professional resources, we will customize investment strategies that solidly match your requirements.

Our process includes:

  • Understanding your financial objectives for yourself or your organization – We begin with a simple conversation that has you doing most of the talking, answering questions about your objectives and priorities, gaining the personal knowledge we need to start the next step. We recognize the uniqueness of each person’s situation. Square pegs don’t fit in round holes.
  • Developing Strategies – Next we analyze and evaluate the financial and personal information that you have shared to customize a sound strategy that aligns with your objectives.
  • Implementing Solutions – Strategies dictate selection, from which we can draw from a wide universe of world-class investment products, resources and services.
  • Providing Timely, Ongoing Service – Things can change, and often do. We strongly recommend meeting at least twice yearly to reaffirm that your financial path continues to be the appropriate designed toward reaching your goals and objectives.


To help accomplish your objectives, we deliver a wide range of financial solutions that complement a complete financial plan:


  • Retirement Planning
  • Investment Strategies
  • Education Planning
  • Estate Planning


  • 401k, ERISA 403b Plans
  • Professional Money Management for Endowments & Foundations
  • Investment Policy Statement (IPS) creation and implementation

Your Next Step

If independent and expert financial advice, focused on you and your life's needs is important to you, then please call us at 862-248-0700 so that you can confidentially share those needs.  Let our team be a source of contribution to those financial areas of your life that you have been meaning to address.  Let us help you change the financial circumstances that are not working by developing a strategic path toward reaching your financial goals.